MIT to Issue Diplomas Using Bitcoin Blockchain (via Bitcoin News)

Blockcerts Wallet facilitates the issuance of a “verifiable, tamper-proof” version of their certification, according to MIT’s website. MIT states that in order to “ensure the security of the diploma, the pilot utilizes the same blockchain technology that powers the digital currency bitcoin. MIT has also integrated the program with the institution’s “identity provider, Touchstone.”

MIT has described the program as “groundbreaking”, stating that blockchain-issued academic certification gives student unprecedented “autonomy over their own records.” Registrar and senior associate, Dean Mary Callahan, stated that “from the beginning, one of our primary motivations has been to empower students to be the curators of their own credentials…. This pilot makes it possible for them to have ownership of their records and be able to share them in a secure way, with whomever they choose.”

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